You Get What You Pay For – A Professionally Designed Logo Can Not Cost $100

Recently a member of Linked In Group, posted an excellent blog on why “A Logo Should not Cost $100”.

Although a number of readers agreed fully with the thinking and issues raised by the author, they pointed out the cold hard facts of the free market…demand and supply will inevitably have their way.

From our perspective, it is not a case of what something should cost or how much effort goes into supplying a product or service, it is a case of “you get what you pay for” and the business owners who commission this sort of design service “from the crowd” will not get the result they deserve! Here is why:

The $99 logo is designed by those and for those who have no idea a about strategic design and its contribution to the value of marketing communication! Which is a reflection of their general attitude to business. I’d love to know how many of the companies that paid $99 for a logo are actually successful, compared to those that had the good sense to not corners when designing their brand, not just one of the visual interpretations of their brand being the logo!

Trying to design (or redesign) a logo before completing a comprehensive strategic brand review is a little like asking an artist to draw you a picture of a person!
No matter how talented the artist, the patron (in our case the client) is unlikely to get something truly remarkable or moving for their target audience. How can they, if the artist does not know whether: to paint a man or woman?

  • Is the person young or old?
  • Thin or fat?
  • Attractive or not?
  • Are they fun or serious?
  • Caring or tough?

And this is just the brand personality without taking into account the brand’s core message and positioning, the brand’s immediate competition, etc.

Ultimately the brand owners are at fault for not having a decent brief and the designers are foolish enough to waste their time in trying to satisfy this market segment that should not be giving up their day jobs!

If you have heard or experienced this humorous situation:

then enjoy the laugh or cry, which ever comes first. If you are about to unleash such horrors onto a designer – don’t!

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