Mind Your Own Brand


    90% of SME Communication  not only does not maximize ROI, but is WASTED because it doesnt build or have a cumulative effect!

    Most SME business owners do it themselves or let the job be done by the media or designers. Their expenditure lines the pockets of media companies, web developers, designers, printers who are not aware of simple and proven Scientific Advertising Principles.

    • Develop an Advertising / Marketing Communications Brief
    • Designers need a good brief from a marketer / advertising professional.
    • Great advertising / marketing communication is a result of a collaboration between: Marketing Professionals (Strategists - on the Client or Agency side, or both!) and Advertising Professionals (Creatives – Creative Directors, Copywriters, Art Directors, Designers)
    • Great advertising / marketing communication provides Hope and Optimism, and in general in a recession customers will block out messages based on FEAR. Emphasize reasons, especially Functional Features, provide evidence that the Brand delivers value and emphasize family values if applicable.

    Here are are our best marketing resources, free of charge, use them to satisfy the needs of your clients and surpass your competition.

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    Marketng Communication – Clarity

    People today more receptive than ever before to Clear Solutions and Clear Messages. Clarity promises Peace of Mind in today’s chaotic world!

    Here is an example by a jewellery chain that produced amazing results:

    A simple headline was changed from:

    “We guarantee the quality of the diamonds we sell”


    “If the Gemological Institute of America doesn’t confirm our diamond’s colour, clarity and carat weight to be at least as good as we promised you, we’ll buy back that diamond for the price you paid, reimburse you for the cost of grading, and pay you an additional five thousand dollars. If other jewelers aren’t willing to match this offer, you’ve got to wonder why.”

    for spectacular results!

    Does your brand provide a guarantee like this? Examine your Brand Promise and aim to deliver on it each and every time!

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